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"El Yuca" Yucatan-Style
Habanero Pepper Sauce

An authentic Yucatán meal layers flavors, textures, and complex chile spice. To give all foods that delicious touch of fire, Chef Mateo has created his own collection of handcrafted organic hot sauces.


We proudly use homegrown Sonoma County chilies which are farmed and harvested by hand. The local ingredients are then crafted and hand-bottle in small batches.

Locally Sourced

Back to the farmers markets for the freshest carrots and onions to include in our sauces, as well as Preston Vineyards olive oil and white vinegar.

Flavor Profiles

All four of the El Yuca sauces add extra personality to any dish, from eggs to soups, tacos to juicy grilled meats. They aren't your everyday hot sauces — they enhance even the most delicate dishes.


Every sale of El Yuca sauce supports local farmers and growers in Sonoma County.

Handcrafted & Made Local

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